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To be at the Forefront of Geo-Energy Conservation and Sustainable Living.

The Holland Haus community is being designed with an innovative fossil fuel-free geothermal system or geoexchange technology that will be used for heating and for cooling. Geothermal exchanges energy from the earth below. By tapping into the earth’s infinite energy source with a series of underground pipes or ground loops, a geothermal system operates efficiently and effectively all year-round providing reliable operation and comfort.  The elimination of high-rise cooling towers will save over a million litres of water per year and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals.

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The Benefits

  • Reduces Energy Operating Costs.
  • 100% Reduction of GHG Emissions.
  • Precise Building Environment & Process Controls.
  • Conserve & Recycle Water.
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs.
  • Eliminate Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers & Guarded Plant Requirements
  • Safe with no non-ammonia Refridgerants
  • Living at Holland Haus will be a reduction in your overall energy use and carbon footprint.
Top 10 benefits of a smart energy home

Harnessing the Power of Nature

To achieve the highest environmental standards in a condo building, Holland Haus has partnered with TRAK International ,the North American leader in renewable green energy. TRAK has installed its state-of-the-art SmartEnergy System at Holland Haus.Without burning fossil fuels, this innovative smart technology uses the earth’s natural energy contained in its crust to heat or cool the building as needed and returns that energy to the ground, making it a truly renewable option.

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Trak International - Engineering Design-Build, HVAC/R Smart Energy Systems

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